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The Gokano Points Generator

  • One Last Step! Complete this quick survey to be put in PRIORITY QUEUE. Follow these steps:

  • Make a Selection
  • Complete the form
  • Once the Confirmation page loads, you will be placed in the front of the line (some people have reported wait times of upwards of 24 hours, without completing this step)

The Gokano Points Generator FAQs

  • Can using the Gokano Points Generator Generator get you banned?
    There is no way for that to happen. The hack is cloaked and happens locally, and sends an Inbox gift command to your user account, so it looks like normal server side communication. Leave the app closed (not just exited) when running this hack, to make sure the Gokano points generator has a local session instead of your active one!
  • How does the Gokano Points Generator Work?
  • The Basic Features of the Gokano Points Generator

Gokano is getting so much popular nowadays for the freebies it supplies to its registered members. It offers a huge range of prizes that you can collect only if you have enough GN or VP points. Yes, you need to acquire the GN and VP points if you wish to receive some free gifts. This site asks you to complete some easy tasks, which are presented as missions on this websites. You can receive some GN or VP points on completing each mission. When you have enough points to turn them into a prize, you can exchange and get the required prize from Gokano.

The internet has opened many new ways of earning money. People spend hours on the internet to do their regular job, for entertainment, and also for social networking. A few minutes in completing Gokano missions can help you in utilizing your free time in a great way. You can cut some minutes of social networking, or entertainment and invest that time in earning Gokano points. Many of you might be learning about Gokano for the first time. Continue reading to reveal how to get Gokano points, how do these points work, and why these points are very essential for every Gokano member.

How will the Gokano points generator help you?

There are two types’ points on Gokano.com, the GN points and VP points. Collecting the GN points is pretty simple. In fact, many teenagers are using this platform to receive freebies. Gokano asks you to do some simple jobs, which include a regular survey. You can start earning the GN points by doing regular surveys. This website will present multiple questions with two options. This whole procedure would look like a survey in which you will get so many questions and you will have to choose one option from the presented two options. You will receive one GN point for each question.


ferregi 1 hour ago
the only gokano points generator tool that actually works
Borneo 6 hours ago
Grazie per averlo sviluppato!
Ray B 16 hours ago
Done this twice now! Works!
PHatson 1 day ago
ill be back for more lol thanks

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